Tastin Spoon 5"
1.Where's Winky?
2.Mega Armegeddon Death Pt. 4
3.Lather Punx
4.Timojhen's Answering Machine
5.You Suffer
6.Pray to the Windgod
7.Billy Milano's Head
8.Camp Chestnut Pt. 2 (Project House)
10.No Neck Joe
Where's Winky?
Sycamore b-day suit
88 winky jumps
Never knew playing bass
Could feel so good
Take a good fucking look
Mega Armegeddon Death Pt. 4
(written and originally recorded by Electro Hippies)
Lather Punx
You'll never catch us looking crusty
It's much more fun being sqeaky clean
Sportin' our hardcore bathtub pride
Me and Mr. bubble Moshin' side by side
Bust out the ivory
What is so punk about bein' stinky?
I don't need that offal in my face
What is so punk about smelling like a toilet?
Do us all a favor- FUCKING BATHE!
Mr. Clean has a warrant out for your arrest
Timojhen's Answering Machine
Wall of noise, no riff is played
Pummel the ears over telephone wires
Timo's the king of Vacu-land
Global thrash smuggler
You Suffer
(written and originally recorded by Napalm Death)
Pray to the Windgod
Overlord of the optic nerve
This one's for the god I serve
I pray for just one more
I beg for just one more
Average and Erin chillin' in the pulpit
One more gust is all we get
Billy Milano's Head
(written and originally recorded by Soar Throat)
Camp Chestnut Pt. 2 (Project House)
Federal forces launch their attack
But they're dealing with the kings of sprack
Power shutdown not for long
Matt needs light to find the bong
Bones is chillin drinkin Mickey's
Ness laid up with dugout hickeys
Franko doom rides like no other
Pelon and Bert are down to smother
(written and originally recorded by Crab Society North)
No Neck Joe
Always friendly never aloof
Body is shaped like a tooth
Role model for all neckless youth