La Revancha LP
1.WWF Rematch at the Cow Palace
2.4 Times a Day
3.Desperate Throat Lock
4.Bobby's Jackpot Jamboree
5.Dewey Decimal Stitchcore
8.Camp Chestnut
9.No Shadow Kick
10.The One With the Goat's Got an Orgy Up the Sleeve
11.Bitter (Execution of a Chump)
12.Let's Kill Fuckin' Everybody
13.Sweet Home Alabama
14.Raging Hate, Fear, and Flower Power Violence
15.Climate Best
16.Urinal Cake
17.8 Drunkard Genaii
19.DaLJeet's Detonation
20.Turnbuckle Treachery
21.Backpack Bonfire
22.Don't Quit Your Day Job
23.Musica de la Rocha
24.Coil of the Serpent Unwinds
25.Golden Egg Stance
WWF Rematch at the Cow Palace
Pinche Peach off the top rope
Victory song by Los Dinnos
Guerra down for the count
Hidden blade is used
To slice and dice whitey's face
Brujeria tag team fiasco
The cartels power is now in Mean Gene's hands for life
Macho man Savage, King de la Roca
4 Times a Day
You speak of liberation?
You're so full of shit
Animals are suffering
While your record collection expands
Condemn a world of greed
With your ninety item want list
Know how many horses died
Just to glue your covers?
Hey, how much is that new confuse flexi
Going for ANYWAY?
Desperate Throat Lock
Throat is crushed like walnut
Out of desperation windpipe is clenched
"Invisible Fists" is no match
The wrath - D.T.L.
The power - D.T.L.
Drunken - D.T.L.
Lost fight - D.T.L.
Bobby's Jackpot Jamboree
Bobby's sweating
Hitting seven - eleven
Main vein is punctured
Once again, he's lost in the mix
Dewey Decimal Stitchcore
Hemmingway and Shakespeare
Rolling in their graves
Literary holocaust
Whirlwind noise enslaves
Tribal pit of aggression
Primates lose control
Spacial miscalculation
Crater in my skull
West bay hardcore drug cartel
We know crack rock is what will sell
Slobber weighs keys on the triple beam
Hooking up The Agents with mad C.R.E.A.M.
Glass pipe hardcore cipher
SPAZZ 4-0 rock lifer
Junkie life is in the gutter
Gremmies slang our bread and butter
Uncut Colunbian kilos craete the new dynasty
West coast el parton violence
Losers in the millions
Egg headed and bald
Discovered Hong Kong movies
Now comics are getting old
The C.I.A. are modern day freaks
Putting on a show in front of me
Prized possession is a red dwarf shirt
Cut down Dr. Who and you're gonna get hurt
Camp Chestnut
Camp Chestnut - demonic aroma
Ness lost in a Lucky Lager coma
Gremlins steal your deck
Their brothers break Frank's neck
It's owned by SAC
King Cobra wolfpack
Pigs will take a fall
Wilmer on the stove
Glass pipe will glow
Chestnut's in effect
Chestnut's always down
Welcome to come around
No Shadow Kick
Poison Man's reign of terror
Indestructable metal shell
When all hope is abandoned
Man Ting represents
Undetectable style in a lethal dose
Defend the sacred map
Avenge the clan
No shadow kick
Bitter (The Execution of a Chump)
Talk your shit to your own world of followers
You say this is because of a girl
You say it's a friendship betrayed
But you're no friend of mine
You say we're wack - fuck your town
Bury your ass six feet underground
Eleven year olds feed your ego
A washed up has-been is all you are
Time to grow up and get a life
Why live each day like a playground fight?
If you want a battle you know where we are
Skills or no skills you won't get far
Let's Kill Fuckin' Everybody
Power violence trend
Bandwagon jumpers
Hop aboard everyone
Make it the latest fad
Power violence dates back to Neos, Pandemonium
And other bands who laid the ground
For extreme noise you take for granted
Fuck the new school - learn respect
Sweet Home Alabama
Here's a little story about a man named Ken
Poor punk guy barely kept his belly fed
Then one day he was shootin' at some hicks
They fell down dead and Ken said, "Oh Shit!"
Next thing you know Ken is on the lam
The kin-folks said "Ken leave Alabam"
They said "Californy is the place you aughtta jam"
So he loaded up his truck and he moved to San Fran
Now he's a wanted man and he works at Mordam
Raging Hate, Fear, and Flower Power Violence
Hippie extermination
Emo flatulation
Hirax fascination
Pitchuli condemnation
Total hate condensed all upon you
Complete annhilation of you and your crew
Dreads catch fire
On your funeral pyre
Last hippies lit fire
Smells like shit
Haight Street firestorm
Death toll in the thousands
Lead pierce your head
We rejoice that Jerry's dead
Climate Best
So many goddamn good bands in this city
Always the underdog it's such a pity
Climate's the best both East and West
Admitting I'm proud of our little town
Only a small piece of land
Yet so many hardcore bands
Standing side by side - full on Redwood pride
 Urinal Cake
Pissed on - love of urine
Piece of human garbage
Receptacle for waste matter
Self disgust - your offense
Human toilet - joy of filth
Bathe in the golden shower
Take their waste in your mouth
Submit to their every whim
No self respect
8 Drunkard Genaii
The king cobra is flowing
Drunk master mode is showing
Intoxicated kung fu
Kicks like a cracked out sifu
Taste the malt nectar of ancient masters
Sodomize mutilaated nuns
Urinate upon the Nazarene
From Hong Kong to the West Bay
Drunken styles are here to stay
Wicked techniques are flexed
Compound fractures and snapped necks
Frank asked for it
We deliver it with pride
Burrito de sesos
Acid trip open wide
El grullense
Midnight run
The membrane glistens
Unspeakable act is done
DaLJeet's Detonation
Green hair dye and chain wallets fly
Overpriced goodies blown sky high
Body piercings melt in the flames
Projectiles lodged in cashier craniums
Now you lose
Light the fuse
Exploding shoes
Try selling clothes from a store that's blown to bits
Turnbuckle Treachery
Let's bring back the days of old
The animal of Steel - he's too hard to hold
Green tongue titan destroys all foes
What lurks in George's cerebro? No one knows
Insanity quelled
Turnbuckle appetizer
Rampage in the arena
Elizabeth's kidnapped
What the fuck is he doing?
Macho man bile is spewing
Backpack Bonfire
Emo kids - not going on a hike
Going to a show - putting up a front
Standing in one place - with arms folded
Time to fetch the lighter fluid
Knock 'em down, take their packs
Stack 'em on the floor, throw in a match
Dance with glee as the ignite
They pose no threat, they just pose
Self appointed punk police
Torch their righteous facades
Holier than thou, wholly full of shit
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Heinous - sounds are formed
Awful - tunes are played
Atrocities - on instruments
Lethal - tonal crimes
Don't quit your day job - you'll need the cash
To buy the next ticket out of town
When you are chased out of Redwood City
Musical felony - won't be forgiven
Musica de la Rocha
Smoke fat lethal rock
Crack is good food
Golden Egg Stance
Shaolin monk devastation
Scrotum pull uphold the nation
Mammoth boulder must be displaced
Tension builds, skin laid to waste
The bruises, the pain, a way of life
Discipline yourself - face the strife
36 chambers to pass through
Ancient skills in the hands of few
Torturou sact may seem absurd
Ancient practices must be preserved
These techniques outlast all of us
Shaolin will never turn to dust
(originally recorded by Cyptic Slaughter. Music and lyrics by Bill Crooks)