1.Finn's Mom Yodeling in the Bathtub
2.Dorsal Finn
3.Huckleberry Finn
4.Finn Pickens
5.Rin Tin Finn
6.And You Thought We Were Kidding
Finn's Mom Yodeling in the Bathtub
What's that sound?
A scalded hound?
A pig being slaughtered by the pound?
It's an 8" flexi of Finn's mom's faves
Yodeled in the bathtub while she bathes
Dorsal Finn
Heads ain't ready for the click we got
Doom Riders straight take over your block
Out of the darkness with schemes to plot
Huckleberry Finn
Injun Joe on the warpath
Finn must escape on a raft
Skatin down the river on a bundle of trees
Samuel Clemens must be appeased
Huckleberry Finn
Layin in tall grass chewin on his cud
Bespectacled warrior, hillbilly stud
Shoeless nomad, Sawyer at his side
Bustin out, full on bumpkin pride
Finn Pickens
Not much to choose from but he's the fucking man
Came straight to woods with mad cookies in hand
Snohomish swingdog in adidas gear
Finger pointing paragon showing no fear
Rin Tin Finn
Lassie's fucked
That collie is toast
Time for a benji hot dog roast
Boomer's next, entombed like the rest
Spuds Mackenzine's balls put to the test
Marmaduke made him puke
He's gonna waste that malamute
From the emerald state this canine's great
He'll always win
Rin Tin Finn
And You Thought We Were Kidding
Ravers and bladers have met their fate
And old aquatic styles conquered Mother Nature
Finn is on our list and we're geared for battle
Snohomish tribe will battle our Mongol horde