SPAZZ/Floor 7"
1.All Urban Outfield
3.Bleed Dry
5.No Room
6.Ghost Dance


All Urban Outfield
Ultimate power
Invincible force
Unattainable goal
All urban outfield
Make a few brownies
Add it to the scuffle
Put it in some jello
Ingest it everyday
Homegrown is best
Or from the border south
Add it to your munchies
Nevermind the cottonmouth
Bleed Dry
Yet another bill I missed
Lick the stamp and slash the wrist
Credit cards and their allure
A grave 50 years premature
Pounding heart, throbbing pain
Empty wallet, empty vein
Children born to careless parents
Years of abuse take their toll
No love comes from those you trust
Unable to fight for your life
Live your life in solitude
Suffers the defenseless child
Parents form the child's mind with every act they commit
A child exposed to hatred will grow only thinking to hate
Live your life in solitude
Suffers the defenseless child
No Room
Stuck on the other side but the wall's to high
Confined to a hell I've built for myself
No room to think
I've been caught in my own trap
Locked out
Ghost Dance
Tame the nation of savage men
Enslave them - name them "indians"
Abuse the knowledge of the land
Destroy traditions of generations
Return their kindness with a gun
Exterminate tribes one by one
Break the treaties they can't read
Force them onto reservations
Spread disease, cut the rations
Ghost dance
Manifest Destiny
A crime against humanity