Interview with Chris Dodge
(Taken from The Crlass Menagerie #47)

CM: So what is the latest news from the SPAZZ camp?  I hear there is a
nationwide tour in the works!
Chris:  Yep. June & July we're hittin' the states to play our unique brand of
ballroom-satanic-cajun-polka. The actual dates will be listed in Slap A Ham and
625 ads in MRR.
CM: Describe SPAZZ live for those not lucky enough to have seen you yet.
Chris:  Halitosis with a beat.
CM: SPAZZ has released so many limited edition and hard to find 7"ers and
splits that it is hard to keep up with them all!  Any plans to get all
those songs together on one release for a big party?
Chris:  Yep. There will be a CD on Slap A Ham that will compile all of our out of
print vinyl efforts....even the early stuff that really sucks.
CM: What new releases can we look forward to?
Chris:  Split 7" with Lack Of Interest, Split 7" with Opstand, Split picture disc 7"
with MITB, Split 7" with Black Army Jacket, Split 7" with Jimmie Walker.
And that's only for April!
CM: On the new album you encourage fans of power violence to respect the roots
of the genre.  What do you see as the roots of P.V.?  What makes it a
distinct genre, or is it?
Chris:  The roots would be every extreme band from Neos to Siege to Pandemonium to
newer bands like Infest.  It definitely has it's own sound.  Lotsa fast & slow
extremes thrown in together.  Buy one of our records to find out....
CM: SPAZZ records seem to have a "theme".  Freaks, pro-wrestlers, skate
boarding, devil worship, kung-fu movies, etc.  What are some new themes in
the works?
Chris:  Dog grooming. Floor mopping. Wine tasing.
CM: You just released a split 5" with GOB that was dedicated to a zine editor.
When do I get a record dedicated to me?
Chris:  As soon as you do something silly enough to merit being ridiculed by us for an
entire record.
CM: If you were Jack Tripper which roomate would you go for?
Chris:  Neither.  I'd choose the sex starved Mrs. Roper.
CM: Who would win a fight between Gilligan and J.J. Walker?
Chris:  J.J. is from the ghetto and Gilligan is a scared suburban nerd.  You decide.
CM: How come SPAZZ didn't win a Grammy this year?
Chris:  Because they didn't accept my bribe.
CM: What does SPAZZ do for April Fools Day and Halloween?
Chris:  This April Fools Day we're going into the studio to record.  That is
unless the studio guy is playing a trick on us.  On Halloween we do what everyone
does....lick the cloven hoof!
CM: What was cooler the KISS reunion or the SEX PISTOLS one?
Chris:  If I had to choose between washed up guys in their 40's playing songs from the
'70s or washed up guys in their 40's wearing makeup and costumes and using
props and pyrotechnics and spitting fire and blood and playing songs from the '70s,
it's no question that I'd choose the latter.
CM: How much money did you spend on KISS in the last year?
Chris:  About $100 (ticket, T-shirt, tour program)
CM: What musical styles do you really hate?
Chris:  Really, really bad indie rock (and there's a lot of it).
CM: What styles do you love that would surprise people to know about?
Chris:  I like just about everything from XTC to Steely Dan to Marty Robbins to The
Kids Of Widney High to Weezer to King Uszniewicz to Simon & Garfunkel to Billy
Squier to George Benson to Vince Guiraldi to the Beach Boys to ABBA to the
Carter Family to early Van Halen to early Kool & the Gang and so on.  I could
literally ramble on forever (and I often do).
CM: -Now that you and Lydia are married can she quit pretending to tolerate SPAZZ?
Chris:  Pretending? What do you mean?  She's never pretended!  She's always been very
honest about the fact that she hates SPAZZ.
CM: If you could tour with any band ever, who would it be?
Chris:  Kenny G.  Just because it would bum everyone out.
CM: If you could have any guest musician ever on the next SPAZZ album who
would it be?
Chris:  Lionel Hampton.  But I think he just died.
CM: What cover tune would you love to play on a SPAZZ record that Dan and Max
would never do?
Chris:  Probably "Freedom Of Choice" by Devo or the Beatles' "Piggies".  They would
make great heavy songs.
CM: What is the dumbest show on televsion?
Chris:  "Married With Children". They're the Ropers of the '90's except even less
funny.  Obvious humor always makes me mad.
CM: What was the dumbest question in this interview?
Chris:  The one about being a hermaphrodite.
CM: Any parting shots for the hordes of SPAZZ-ticks?
Chris:  Remember to burn the Crass Menagerie before you pillage it.

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