SPAZZ/Brutal Truth 7"
1.Spazz vs. Mother Nature
2.Nuge on a Stick
SPAZZ vs. Mother Nature
Ravers are no match for SPAZZ
Rollerbladers killed with ease
But under Mother Nature
We will feel the wrath
Battlefield A.M.L.
Earth will crumble
Winged beasts dive
Dark powers of kung fu
Summon our forgotten styles
Nuge on a Stick
Give him a minute for a head start
Unleash the dogs then split them apart
Time for a game to find the fox
But the prey is one that definately rocks
Draw back the bow, finish him off in a hurry
He's loud and he's fast and he's real damned furry
Drag home his carcass, dress him up like a turkey
Get the carving knife, it's time for Nuge Jerky
Hunt down that prick
Nuge on a stick
Ledges, curbs, stairs, and concrete
Assault on these is below my feet
San Francisco's sick, Quintara and the like
Next security guard gets it with my knife
Donger's the man, super high sprack
I ollie that high if i smoke some crack
Smoke fat crack
Skating is the one thing in my life that keeps my head straight
And keeps me from losing my mind
Smoke fat crack
Having too much fun to ever stop
I'd like to say, FUCK YOU COPS